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Using a fetal monitor at home can provide parents with comfort and reassurance that their pregnancy is progressing as it should. It can also offer peace of mind to those couples who are currently experiencing complications in their pregnancy as the device can help to alert you when there is a serious problem with your baby. Couples that must often go to the emergency room due to problems in the pregnancy may find that a home fetal baby heart monitor helps to reduce the number of trips they make.

fetal doppler monitors are safe to use. over 50 years ultrasound technology has been used for various purposes in the healthcare industry with no evidence of any ill effect. This holds true to mother and child. The FDA regulates ultrasound technology and has approved the Fetal Doppler for ‘continuous use’. This isn’t to say you should monitor the heartbeat of your unborn baby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Current recommendations are monitoring 2-3 times a week for no more than 7 minutes per exam.

There are two types of probe that are equipped with a fetal heart Doppler – 2MHz or 3MHz probes. While 3 MHz probe is more sensitive than 2MHz probe for most cases, 2MHz probe works better for overweight expecting mothers. Because the more concentrated ultrasound emission (beam) can pass more easily through the extra layers of fat surrounding the uterus

there are two different types of dopplers on the market – regular and digital. A regular is the most basic model available and will allow you to hear your unborn baby’s heartbeat. The digital fetal doppler will also give you the audio of the heartbeat but offers the added benefit of a digital display of your baby’s heartbeats per minute or BPM(Beats Per minute). The normal range of fetal heart rate is between 120 – 180 BPM. Generally, the fetal monitoring device produced by different manufacturers can detect the FHR range between 50 and 210BPM. But the readings of FHR may be fluctuated based on some reasons, for example, fetal movements. Making the decision between the two is typically purely preference, except in the case of a pregnancy with multiples. In this instance you’d need a digital display to distinguish one baby from another.

It is very easy and simple to use. The handheld design allows users to hold the unit comfortably while checking unborn baby’s FHR. The best gesture for expecting mothers is to lie down and expose their abdomen. A certain amount of ultrasound gel is imperative for the FHR check. The important function of ultrasound gel is to reduce static that may be caused during the course of using a fetal Doppler. The fetal heart beat can be detected for as early as 8-12 weeks of pregnant women. Users can slowly adjust the angle of the probe when searching for the fetal heart beat. Users should be patient and careful when doing the exam. Since there is no evidence of harmful effects on expecting mothers by any scientific research and experiments, it should be safe to use ultrasonic Dopplers for expecting mothers and health care professionals to listen to baby’s heartbeat. And we recommend that each examination time should not exceed 10 minutes.

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