Increased Symptoms At 7 And Babys Development Of Organs In 8 Weeks Of Pregnancy


As you are 7 weeks pregnant now, your baby is visible through an ultrasound scan as it has quadrupled its size since conception. Of course, sometimes embryos can be seen from as early as six weeks. The babys nerves start functioning in the seventh week and it is even able to open its mouth.

Another important factor in week 7 is that your baby develops its muscle systems and is producing its own blood. This is because the babys liver is working to produce red blood cells.

Symptoms like mood swings, dizziness, nausea, morning sickness, and frequent urination may still continue and the tenderness in the breasts persists. Constipation is also a problem in many women during this time and hence they are advised to drink a lot of water.

Vomiting becomes severe and there might also be chances of weight loss which is due to the hormonal changes in the body. While you cant avoid these changes occurring inside your body, you can relieve them to some extent by doing some simple things.

While the pain can be subsided a little by taking Tylenol, meditation and yoga are considered beneficial during the entire pregnancy.

In 7 weeks pregnant, eating food rich in nutrients and green leafy vegetable is good to make up for the lost nutrients in your body. It is also good for the development of the baby as the food you consume during the entire pregnancy will have a lot of effect on the development of your baby.

As the baby starts developing major organs, it is essential that you manage the cravings that occur during this time and avoid substances that might prove harmful for you or the baby.

Your baby is starting to look a little bit more human as you are now 8 weeks pregnant. Its upper lip, ears, eyelids and nose are forming rapidly. It will also start developing its toes and fingers this week. The baby stretches and causes some sort of discomfort for you.

The brain development is rapid this week making the head appear slightly big. The nerve cells are beginning to connect with one another. The heart is now divided into 4 chambers and is pumping blood throughout the body. The umbilical is completely formed connecting you both through the placenta.

Though you are 8 weeks pregnant and your uterus is continuously growing to accommodate the little one, it is likely that you are not showing much on the outside. It is hard to believe but your baby is now the size of a grape fruit even though it has developed all the vital organs that we all have.

The chances of showing out are more if you are carrying twins or triplets as your babies will take more room in the uterus. You might have even noticed that your breasts are slightly enlarged. Breast growth continues throughout the pregnancy as the breasts prepare to make breast milk for the baby.
Back pain is also a common discomfort during this time as the growing uterus is putting pressure on your lower back.

Although pregnancy presents various challenges, its a wonderful journey for you and the little one. And it is very important to let your doctor know how you are doing to help you make your pregnancy more relaxing.

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