How To Treat Achilles Tendonitis?



In some cases, the tendons get inflamed for several reasons and the result of this muscle pull become very painful and irritating. If the smooth motion of the tendon damages, the tendon gets inflamed. As a result, the leg movement becomes agonizing. This symptom is called tendonitis, in common words, which means the inflammation of tendon. Tendonitis is basically an overuse injury. It generally occurs when people starts a new exercise after many years. This overuse leads the tendon to become irritated.


Another state of tendonitis is the Achilles tendonitis. It is basically a common injury which actually occurs in the recreational athletes because of the overdo of Achilles tendon. The common symptom of this illness is irritation and inflammation in the back part of the ankle.

Causes of tendonitis:


There are several tendonitis spread in our body. But only a few of them create problems. These tendons basically have an inadequate blood supply and it results in reduced healing response and tissue damage. The injury prone part of a tendon is also known as a “watershed zone”. The general causes of tendonitis and Achilles tendonitis are mentioned below:


·   Lack of flexibility


·   Short recovery between two activities

·   diminishing of the activity range of the ankle joint due to the stiffness of calf muscles

·   Weakness of the calf muscles


Symptoms of Tendonitis:


Tendonitis can always be diagnosed on the physical examinations. The symptoms of this illness are mentioned below:

·   Direct softness over the tendon

·   Feeling of severe pain while moving the tendons and muscles

·   Swelling

How to diagnose tendonitis?

X-Ray is very essential to diagnose tendonitis. An X-Ray can reveal the swelling of tendonitis.

When the diagnosis process is complete, it is necessary to proceed with proper medication. The process of treatment generally depends on the type of tendonitis. Portable ultrasound therapy is very essential for relieving the pain of tendonitis.



Treatment of Tendonitis:


Tendonitis or Achilles tendonitis can be of two types: Chronic and acute. The condition of the acute tendonitis worsens and turns into chronic tendonitis. So, it’s necessary to treat the tendonitis from the very beginning. The first treatment of this illness is to take rest, so that the inflammation calms down. Other treatment of this illness follows:


Sports massage
Cold therapy
Put on the right pair of shoes before starting an exercise
Portable ultrasound therapy
Usage of heal pads to raise the heals as well as to decrease the chance of having tendonitis.
Injections and medications
Last but not the least, Achilles tendonitis surgery can also work as a permanent treatment of this illness.



Thus, remember one thing that tendonitis or Achilles tendonitis can be cured easily. You just need to consult with the doctor as soon as you realize about any of the symptoms.

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