Avoiding CAUTI


We have seen many patients with catheters in the hospital. No one will want to use the catheter because have it inside is quite painful but the catheters are a must for people who have just been out of the operation theater and have stitches because they are not allowed to move. The catheter is also a must for people who are serious and unconscious and also in many other cases. The use of catheters cannot be avoided but what we are unaware of sometimes is the infection that is caused by the use of catheters. This is termed as CAUTI. The CAUTI is the abbreviated form of Catheter-associated Urinary Tract Infection. This is a very serious type of infection and causes a lot of pain to the patient. The treatment of Catheter-associated Urinary Tract Infection or CAUTI is very expensive too. Keeping in mind small details of things can help one to avoid CAUTI.

Coming to the ways to avoid CAUTI we need to follow certain rules while in the hospital. Proper knowledge about CAUTI is very essential. If you do not know what exactly CAUTI is then it’s difficult for you to associate it with yourself and also maintain those careful steps to avoid the same. Hence asking the doctor about CAUTI is a must. If the doctor refuses to give information then ask your family members or friends to ask about the same. Ensure that everything around you is clean. Keeping things around clean reduces microbial growth and hence CAUTI. Use of a sterile catheter every time is a must. One must ensure that not any catheter but only clean and sterilized ones are used for the patient. Keeping of the anti bacterial soap and no rinse cleansers are the best things. Ensure that the nurse who is taking care of you uses the lotions and the cleansers once she is operating the catheter. Doctors must be immediately informed if redness or pain is felt.

Catheter insertion does not hurt so if the nurse or the doctor forcefully pushes the catheter inside and you feel pain then ask them to stop immediately. You must know the correct procedure of using the catheter and this will help you to avoid CAUTI. If it’s not done, then ensure that it’s done by asking them questions. Keep things around clean and never force the catheter. If you see blood, then you must immediately contact the doctor. Small and simple steps and some caution can help people stay away from CAUTI. It’s better to avoid CAUTI than to suffer. It’s very painful and is the best if avoided.

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